Andrzej Zawada's Virtual Museum

Client: Fundacja Himalaizm Polskiego im. Andrzej Zawada

A multidimensional journey through the adventures of Polish climbers, the so-called The Golden Age, known as the Winter Warriors. Andrzej Zawada's virtual museum created on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the first winter ascent to Mt. Everest.

The main assumption was to create a space for a huge number of memorabilia and the legacy of the entire life of Andrzej Zawada. In addition to photos, audio recordings and film materials, thanks to the 3D technology, you can also see authentic museum pieces, original souvenirs of mountain expeditions. The main part of the museum is a biography and separate "rooms" for individual trips.

The main design problem was to deal with the abundance of materials and present them in an interesting but also concise form. The experience of designing physical exhibitions turned out to be very helpful. Based on it, it was possible to create a data archiving system, modules according to which descriptions were created, and to predict the time planned for each "room". Thanks to this, it was possible to create a virtual museum to which you can plan a "trip" divided into chapters of the hero's life.

Website implementation - according to the WCAG20 standard - with facilities for people with limitations - the ability to change the font size, page contrast, background colors. The main elements of the website are a virtual journey through the crown of the Himalayas and the biography of Andrzej Zawada.

The design and interpersonal challenge in the team was to transfer and moderate the amount of material. Thanks to the developed system of archiving and formulating content, we managed to improve the work of the entire team and enable intuitive passage through the virtual gate of the museum. The most important task was to predict the behavior of a museum visitor, predict his average visit time and, based on this information, present the content so that it would be accessible and interesting. We moved the physical exhibition to the Internet - interactivity, combination of text with photos, audio and video recordings.

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