First personal exhibition of mountain posters „creative process needs to be fueled” 

Process of creating needs fuel. The history is full of artists that derive their inspiration and power from the most diverse sources, including the edge of consciousness. Some of them chose nature, which is always there at your fingertips but not always appreciated and respected. 

Living at the edge of two great natural elements - sea and mountains - I know well how it stretches and breaks off. Using every free moment to teleport from Baltic sea to the Tatras or the Alps, I am stoked for constantly experiencing the power that further helps me keep my work balance. Poster’s style refers to old fashioned/vintage style but with distance to reality. My experience with mountains are both majestic and threatening. It’s worth to have a look around, pause the thoughts and give yourself a moment to relax. Maybe you, just like me, will feel the wind slipping across the turf?

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