Pure Powder Online Magazine

Online ski and snowboard travel magazine with subscription option.

Long description: The Pure Powder magazine, previously published in print, was based on direct sales at ski and snowboard festivals organized by the publisher of the magazine under the same brand name. In a situation where such festivals could not be organized due to the pandemic, the authors of the magazine decided to reach audiences outside Poland by building an online version of the publication in English. Like the print edition, the online magazine deals with journeys to non-obvious places in search of unspoiled mountains for skiing and snowboarding. The stories are reportage, the composition is characterized by minimalism, and the presented photos come from the best Polish and world photographers in the industry.

The main goal was to get the impression of reading an article. The creators of the magazine wanted to maintain the atmosphere of the printed edition - the emphasis was on an accessible form, ease of navigation and navigation to the next pages and from article to article.

Elements: Transfer of the printed magazine to electronic form. Editorial, profiles of editors and profiles of people creating content for a specific edition. Spreads with text and photos presented in a form reminiscent of the layout of a paper magazine. Customer panel for purchasing the entire magazine or subscription. Access to the magazine in the desktop and mobile versions.

Additional information: Graphical solutions of the electronic system of the magazine with the possibility of purchasing the entire issue, reader profile, navigation through the issue and the article.

author: Welldonegan
coder: Lukasz Walaszczyk


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