Postcards with top-triangle wood item was my proposal in the competition for a souvenir design for @muzeumtatrzanskie. Didn't win the prize, but have had so much fun designing it.

Being an enthusiast of life, I maneuver between environment of CC cloud and meeting mountain peaks. The Tatra Souvenir project is to emphasize why I most often come to Tatras and how - sometimes for a moment, for longer but always from far north. Tatras are majestic and fascinating in their form, peaks and valleys so natural and not changed by man. Normally where a block would normally stand, there is a rising peak above 2000 m. The Souvenir project encourages you to take memories with you.

The designed souvenir is to encourage visitors to explore, discover new places and keep returning to Zakopane. When you are back home, the top-triangles will proudly present separately or joined together, framed of just against the wall. They will remind you that the mountains are calling. And you just have to go.

Each of the triangles presents different iconic places for Polish Tatra and association with them. The souvenir is sold on the postcard and the wood triangle placed on it are complementary. After removing the top-triangle you still have a postcard, which in the old-fashioned style can be send to loved ones or keep it. Sharing your expieriences is key. Make someone loves mountains like you do. On the back there is a description of the place you just summit. Everyone has their own peak - whether it will be a hostel on Ornak, Kasprowy Wierch, Rysy or paths of Orla Perć - each of them is worth remembering and giving yourself a small reward for getting it. The concept of souvenirs invites you to play and set goals for yourself. The figures, although simple in form, gives space for interpretation, memories, motivation, award or purely aesthetic element.

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