The exhibition’s protagonist is the bedtime children’s cartoon, or a short, animated film aired in the evening, a unique feature of Polish lifestyle which had its impact on a few generations of Poles. In the background we see a comprehensive context of the history of the entire animated film. The exhibition is a journey of the evolution of animated films, their genres and technologies. You will be given a chance to get to know here the major animation authors and their accomplishments. You will learn the difference between the phenakistiscope and the flipbook and learn how to make a film using time-lapse photography. You will hear the most popular tunes of animation series and episodes of the most famous films for children and will take a sneak peek behinds the scenes of producing the most popular series. Adult audiences will find something to their tastes, too, both those who remember their childhood with nostalgia and those interested in the technology of the movies and appreciate animated productions for refined spectators.
The show is an animation vademecum: from Starewicz through Disney to Rybczyński, from drawn film through puppet one to non-camera, from Bielsko-Biała through Łódź to Hollywood, from the script through the film set to the screen. All of this is conceived to sensitise the young audiences to the uniqueness of bedtime children’s cartoons and to make those more advanced in years children again.

Compiled on the basis of:
Paweł Sitkiewicz, Kids Only. A short history of films about Bolek and Lolek Panoptikum 2011, no. 10.
Paweł Sitkiewicz, Mickey and mice. Walt Disney and the animated film in Poland before WWII, Gdańsk 2012.
Paweł Sitkiewicz, Little Big Cinema. The animated film from its birth to the end of the classical period, Gdańsk 2009.
Polish Animated Film, red. M. Giżycki, B. Zmudziński, Warszawa 2008.

Script authors: Krystyna Weiher-Sitkiewicz, Paulina Pohl
Exhibit layout: Grupa Gdyby
Graphic design: Welldonegan
Exhibition curator: Waldemar Elwart
Exhibits loaned by: Museum of Bedtime Children's Cartoons in Rzeszow; Museum of Toys and Play in Kielce.

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